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Hello fellow softball fans,

Our staff had an interesting discussion last week on player development.
There were some passionate exchanges on what skills should be taught and at what age.  A couple of things struck me immediately.

1. The Marana Fastpitch staff is passionate about softball.
2. We all agree players must be developed.

To the second point, what is player development?  We can ask 100 different coaches on specifics of development and get 100 different answers, and those answers are not inherently correct or incorrect.  The reality is that every coach has a style and personality, and every player is different.  So how do we ensure player development? 

To my way of thinking it's a simple answer:

-Have you prepared your players to play at the next age group or level?  

- Are you proud of your players' efforts? 

- Are you confident that they have learned as much as you could teach them? 

- Can they hang with other players at a HS or travel ball tryout? 

- Are they progressing, even if it is slower than that what we had hoped for?

Our players should have the skills to compete if they choose to continue their softball journey.  

These players are a product of our coaching, and we owe them our best effort.

That's my rant for today.  Until next time.



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